Cowboys and Indians

Tribal and Western are just what I’m most vibing with!


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I feel like fringe is going to be all the rage in fashion this coming season. Ive been on a fringe binge already! I think a suede fringe jacket will be a go to piece this fall as well as a good pair of fringe booties. Here are some fun fringe picks I’m lusting over!


2 Pieces Are Better Than 1

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The 2 piece sets have been all the rage – from solids to prints, to bodycon to baby doll. Everyone is rocking them. These are 2 that I think are really fun right now!




OK GUYS! hi!!! So at the change of seasons, I get very over my entire wardrobe and obsess over what I need to buy for the coming season. So we will take a little break from interior posts for a week or so as I vent my lustings, contemplations and purchase decisions for this coming season! Happy shopping! I hope you all don’t know your 4 credit card numbers by hearts like I do, or this could get dangerous…..