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So I’m sure that we’ve all seen the cool swan blow up float in one too many of our friends insta photos and kinda wish we had one too. Well the wait is over because I’m sharing where you can purchase not only the massive swan floaty, but also the giant pretzel and donut floats also! Perfect for an end of summer pool party!

Re-Decorating Morgans House!

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Morgan wanted to give her house a new look – so we did a quick make over and it looks amazing!!! I wanted it to look fresh and chic to match her! Watch the this clip of me designing it here!

We wanted to do a fun quick make over without spending too much because her lease was ending soon, so these are some key pieces that we used to achieve the FAB look of her office!

1. Ikea Frames – Ikea has the best and cheapest gallery frames. I had her fabulous portraits printed by my parents (perks of your parents having a printing company) and then used these Ikea frames.

2. CB2 desk and chairs – This CB2 dining table is one of my favorites to use as a desk. It always looks so chic and clean. Paired with these stainless steel chairs it looked fabulous!

3. Urban Outfitters rug – Using a rug under her desk grounded the space so it felt defined from the rest of the living room. The white and light gray complimented the feel of the house and existing furniture and didn’t compete with anything else in the room.

4. Tufted Desk Chair – This chair just made the space come together. The color matches the walls perfectly and has a feminine, sophisticated yet fun feel to it!

Obsessing over my new AQUAZZURA shoes

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How chic! Im obsessed with these Aquazzura shoes! I haven’t taken them off since I got them a few weeks ago. They are the perfect nude strappy heel that I have been looking for and they are so comfortable! Trust me they are worth the price!!!


I judge people on the scent of their home…

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Just kidding…. BUT I do think that a room’s fragrance is another dimension to its decor. Candles, diffuser, room perfumes are all a great way to get your house smelling yummy all the time. I like to have many of the same candle and put them in every room of the house so that my favorite scent permeates through out the house. Its hard picking good candles that are really fragrant, so when you find one that you love stick to it and buy a few. Although they can be pricey, they are absolutely necessary because they make your home or work place smell delicious! My favorite candle brands are:

1. Le Labo - the Santal and the Petit Grain are amazing. The cool thing about Le Labo is that you can customize your name of the glass, so they make for the perfect gift or custom candle for yourself. I always have mine say “Princess Roxy” obviously :)

2. Diptyque - the Baies and Feu de Bois are my all time favorite candles. The Baies is more unisex, while the Feu de Bois is one of my favorite candles for men.

3. Cire Trudon - not only are these the most elegant looking, they are so fantastically fragrant! The Ernesto, Positano and Rose Poivrée are my top scents right now. The special editions always tend to be my favorites!

4.  Voluspa - these are certainly the most price conscious of the group, but they are no less fragrant! I love Voluspa because their candles always come in beautiful glasses and tins and are never short on the fragrance!



Hawaiin Girls Vacay

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Morgan, Dorothy, Gabby and I decided to plan a last minute girls trip to Hawaii. It was so relaxing and beautiful – exactly what we needed. We got to be silly, fun and care-free. The house was so beautiful! Here is a web-exlcusive extended clip of our trip! And it was such a milestone for Dorothy and I – its the first drama free trip that we have been on! Click the link below

Click here to watch the Hawaii Girls Trip