2 Pieces Are Better Than 1

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The 2 piece sets have been all the rage – from solids to prints, to bodycon to baby doll. Everyone is rocking them. These are 2 that I think are really fun right now!




OK GUYS! hi!!! So at the change of seasons, I get very over my entire wardrobe and obsess over what I need to buy for the coming season. So we will take a little break from interior posts for a week or so as I vent my lustings, contemplations and purchase decisions for this coming season! Happy shopping! I hope you all don’t know your 4 credit card numbers by hearts like I do, or this could get dangerous…..

Carrara Marble

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White marbles are all the rage in interior design over the past few years. The most eye catching kitchens, bathrooms, furniture and exteriors tend to be composed of Carrara Marble. For those of you that are totally confused as to what Carrara is, its a beautiful white based marble with gray veins and comes from the city of Carrara in Tuscany, Italy.

This stone has been used in interior applications and architecture for years, but it has made a very strong come back in recent years for its bright and luxurious beauty. When most marbles can tend to look dated and antiquated, Carrara looks fresh and modern always! Its certainly my favorite! Depending on the finish (honed/matte or shiny) – the marble can give such a different vibe. My rule of thumb is shiny for a more antique looks and honed for a more modern look!

All White Errrything

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I am personally very drawn to all white rooms. I just think it looks airy, chic and timeless. I love a bright white space – it makes me happy to be in and look at. Here is the all white kitchen I designed for my parents which was featured in Rue Magazine, I think turned out pretty FAB!

Gingham Love

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Gingham is so cute and summery, I love it! These are some great examples of this adorable pattern being translated into interior design, and some of my favorite products.