#RichKids Press with Morgan and EJ

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Last week was our press tour to promote #RichKids of Beverly Hills season 2! First Morgan, EJ and I went to Home and Family! It was such a fun show – we had the best time!!!! Then EJ and I went to Lance Bass’ studio to chat with him on his radio show Dirty Pop! Lance and Michael were amazing! I’m wearing a dress by Margiela, shoes by Valentino (my orange dress and yellow shoes made me look like a starburst pack), hair by Scott King and Make up by Rob Scheppy!

Roxy loves a printed dress!

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That’s for sure. No matter how much my friends make fun of my patterned dresses, I stay true to them and love them all the same! In the summer with cute flats or a strappy heel and in the winter with tights and booties! Here are some ones I’m thinking to add to my collection!


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Season 2 of #RichKids of Beverly Hills aired last night! Did you guys watch?! What did you think?! We have opened our lives to the cameras for the past 4 months – it has been the most fun and busy time of my life. Last night watching the show with our incredible crew, closest friends and family members at our viewing party was very emotional for all of us. I feel so blessed to have such a special group of friends and such an incredibly supportive family through out all of this! I hope you enjoy this season – laugh with us (and at us), cry with us, relish in our luxuries and enjoy our insane antics!


Vintagey Ripped Denim Necessity

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Every few years we re-enter the ripped denim phase – you know the jeans your grandmother asks “you paid money for those holes?!?!” when you wear. and the answer is “actually i paid extra for them.” So we have certainly re-entered this trend this year and I like the vintagey flair is taken this time. I live in all of my frame ripped denim, but im lusting for a vintagey look ripped denim now. Here are some cute ones I’ve found!

Cushnie Fabulous

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I’m obsessing just over this line Cusnie et Ochs. Their dresses are just feminine and poised yet still so sexy. Pricey but beautiful!